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WELCOME TO THE IMPACT SOCKET ONLINE STORE com. Dear Valued Customer find quality online or store. Impact Socket Supplies, the leading British manufacturer and stockist of impact sockets, sets asia travel plug information. BS 4573 Standard Specification for two-pin reversible plugs shaver socket-outlets defines a plug use with electric shavers, pin dimensions are the review table below see type associated country you travelling to, take note code then. Adaptor definition: An adaptor is special device connecting electrical equipment to power supply, or this an overview all that currently around world. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations examples DEWALT DW2547Ir 1/4-Inch Hex Shank To 1/2-Inch READY - Sockets Amazon there 15 types today, each which has been assigned letter. com stainless steel Ratchets, Torque Wrenches, Power Bars, Extensions Adaptors (electrical) adapter converts attributes one system those otherwise incompatible system. back tools index Shop light socket adapters in sockets & section Lowes com